Parent’s Guide to Children and Divorce

For parents with children, divorce can take a toll on both the parent and the children. While a parent may be going through a turmoil of emotions leading up to and through the divorce process, children also go through their own emotional turmoil, and the turmoil a child feels is often not expressed, at least directly. The parents’ emotional turmoil often resolves somewhat when the divorce is finalized, but the children’s emotional turmoil often continues and may go unnoticed and unresolved. Parents should be aware of the fact that a divorce will affect their children and be prepared to help them cope with it and resolve their emotional issues. Counseling may be necessary, especially when a parent is having a hard time coping with his or her own emotions. The following Parent’s Guide to Children and Divorce graphic provided by the Best Masters in Counseling may be helpful in putting the effect on children in perspective.

Divorce and Children